Clover the Cow amigurumi

Will be available for purchase soon at my Etsy store. I finally finished this little calf! I named her “Clover” after the local dairy here in Sonoma County. She’s clad in a cute red dress with a paisley ribbon (sewn on). I…Continue Reading →

Little Fox is ready to ship

Click here to purchase from my Etsy shop.   He’s finally finished and ready to ship! I didn’t add a tail because I think he’s cuter without it, but one can be added easily. I love his colors!


I made a kangaroo amigurumi! The baby in the front comes out of the pouch, but since he has no limbs he looks kinda creepy:/  

Rudy the reindeer

Rudy is doing some deep thinking.  As he gazes into the sunset, he ponders the meaning of life.  Then he climbs over the bench and runs home for dinner!   Pattern courtesy of Pii_Chii from Zoomigurumi 3

Odin the owl

GREAT ODIN’S RAVEN! It’s Odin the Owl, looking wise as a wizard:   I used a cell phone stand to prop him up. He was too drunk to funk during our brief photoshoot.   Serious owl is staring into your soul….Continue Reading →