USPS Tote Bag Gifts :)

My local USPS helped me in a huge way recently. I was hoping to purchase some Shel Silverstein special edition stamps, but the other nearby USPS that I typically visit was completely out. I decided to stop by a different USPS branch (also nearby—and also my new favorite branch) to inquire about the stamps there as well—juuuust in case!

The friendly Postal Support Employee (PSE) at this branch called all of the other local USPS branches, and was able to have 3 whole sheets of Shel Silverstein Stamps (say that 5 times fast) delivered to her branch. I received a phone call today to pick them up. It took ONE day! What a wonderful world we live in. It’s the little things that mean the most sometimes, wouldn’t you agree?

Here is a custom-designed handmade tote bag that I gave to the PSE and her colleague as thank-you gifts for absolutely making my day:

Made using upcycled fabric from a lovely woman who gave me all of her fabric from her San Francisco storage facility:)
The larger, longer tote bag that I gave to her lovely colleague.

I challenge you to make someone’s day today—even if it’s just your own! Be kind to yourself. It goes a long way 🙂

P.S. Shel Silverstein poems are incredible!

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