Sonoma County Yarn Hop 2018

Here are some highlights from the Sonoma County Yarn Hop 2018.

First things first: my haul! 

My first stop was Fiber Circle Studio in Cotati, CA. They were having a huge expo-style event in the parking lot!

The lovely ladies of Earl Grey Fiber Co. 

Various succulents and plants:

How cute are these alpacas? They’re made in Peru:

Keyaiira shared her art and leather goods with me. What a multi-talented crafter!

Click here to visit Keyaiira’s Etsy shop.

@keyaiira for more!

So elaborate!

Rebecca of Beam and Branch Co. was so friendly!

Click here to visit Rebecca’s Etsy shop.

@beamandbranchco for more!


Some shots from inside Fiber Circle Studio:

@fibercirclestudio for more!

Yarnitudes in Sebastopol, CA

Almost bought one…

Such variety!

Plenty of books, all on sale!


Class in progress! Sounded like fun:)


My visit to Purls of Joy in Healdsburg, CA:

Fitting for a yarn hop:)



And finally, last but certainly not least, my final stop at Cast Away Yarn Shop:

Business was booming!

Well, that’s a wrap for 2018. I’ll see you all next year!

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