Learning to knit. First garter stitch scarf!

My good friend finally convinced me to try knitting. I must say, it was extremely humbling to be completely terrible at first. However, with perseverance and plenty of patience I finally made something worth posting. I present…the garter stitch scarf!

Perseverance is defined by good ol’ Google as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” I’d like to encourage YOU, whoever you are and whatever the goal, to persevere. Learning to knit was a long process of progress, mistake, backtrack, fix mistake, repeat. Eventually, I started to get better, but it definitely did not come easily  the way crocheting had. I almost gave up completely, but knew that with enough practice and attention I’d get better. I’m very proud of this scarf, which as far as I know has no mistakes! It will be a birthday present for my little sister.

Feel free to tell me about your experience with perseverance in the comments section!



For more information on how to make this scarf, check out Purl Soho’s free patterns and tutorials.

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