“Sensum” sweater, as modeled by my husband

Morning! Today I’m sharing an older finished project, but one that turned out quite different than I expected. Behold Linda Skuja‘s “Sensum” sweater, a pattern available for purchase in her Etsy shop and on Ravelry.

First, it ended up HUGE! It was so large that my husband was able to model it for me—hey, no complaints here! Second, the pattern itself was a little confusing because the rows are worked similar to short rows in knitting. That is, I needed to stop mid-row, turn, and start the next row in the opposite direction. Here is how it all turned out:

Chunky stitches, oooh! Ahhh!

I’m not able to find the exact yarn color I used, but it was some kind of Caron Cakes yarn. I loved it!

Please enjoy your next project, whether it’s the Sensum sweater or something else. Bonus points if your partner gets a photoshoot out of it!

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