Throwback to some of my very first Etsy sales :)

Happy Friday! I was reminiscing on how far I’ve come from my humble beginnings with crochet (and throwing my magic loop mess-ups across the room), to where I am now: working on a blog to share with others I hope can benefit from all of my practice.

You can see some of the great reviews my customers have provided on my Etsy page.

These are some of my favorite early makes. They include a cranberry-red hat and matching scarf, a Slytherin-themed infinity scarf, and a teal blue chunky infinity scarf. One of my first sales on Etsy was that Slytherin scarf—and the customer left me such a nice review I nearly cried with joy! Doesn’t it feel good to have your hard work validated?

Ten points to…SLYTHERIN! They deserve some kudos every once and awhile too, right?

This teal scarf got so many compliments! Very easy. I believe it was just single crochet (sc) throughout! Here is the review I received:

That’s all for now 🙂 Enjoy your coffee and cozy morning!

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