“Bag! You’re It!” A finished knit market bag with cotton yarn

Hello world! Today I’m enjoying the sunshine from the comfort of my cozy home office. The birds are chirping, my mint plant is thriving, and the weekend beckons.

If you’re looking for a fun, easy, FREE, finish-in-a-weekend knit, then look no further! The “Bag! You’re It!” free pattern by Jana Trent is available on Ravelry here.

Photos of my finished bag:

Copyright Humbleworm 2022.

My finished bag turned out slightly different than the pattern because I didn’t yet know how to knit a certain stitch…Let me know if you can find out my error! It creates an equally lovely and useful bag, but rather than diagonal “diamonds,” I ended up with more of a ribbed look.

Copyright Humbleworm 2022.

If you’re creating a gift for a friend, loved one, or anyone (like the USPS postperson in your area), try a quick dishcloth and gift them together. It’s always a hit!

Copyright Humbleworm 2022.

Dishcloth pattern to come…it’s also free but not mine. I love the crafting community 🙂 I recommend knitting this in the round for the quickest results. Here is a link to a guide that helped me learn this technique.


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